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Serving the tampa bay area since 1982

Bart DePury Air Conditioning, Inc. was established June 9, 1982 by Bart and Anne DePury. Bart, well established in the air conditioning industry since 1970, had worked his way through college running large scale mechanical and residential jobs. His partner Anne, with an accounting degree and strong business background, helped the company achieve the success it sustains to this day.

Business in the early 1980’s was difficult at best, but the new upstart company was quickly regarded for their quality of work, as well as their reputation for honesty in contracting. While the economic times did not support an upstart business, their company continued to grow and prosper due to their customer support, loyalty, and referral business. They achieved their company’s quality brand due to hard work and honest customer relations, a company trait that is hard to find today. To this day, Bart DePury Air Conditioning, Inc. continues to grow, enjoying the customer referral business that their reputation and quality branding has achieved.

Moving forward to the current times, the company continues to strive by holding the highest reputation for air conditioning services in the Tampa Bay area. Recognized as “Tampa’s Favorite Air Conditioning Company” several years running, the company has achieved success by simply doing what they do best, pleasing their customers. The company has a rule to never reinstall an old problem, and that a customer’s total satisfaction is guaranteed.

The company owes most of their success to their highly trained and loyal employees that they have retained for many years. The inside and “Go-To” person is Sherri Pino, who is more knowledgeable in air conditioning than most equipment manufacturer reps. Sherri is an 18 year employee that fixes problems over the phone and saves customers thousands of dollars by solving issues for customers that don’t require the new units other companies have recommended.

Our installation department is field controlled by Robert DeWitt, a 25 year employee. Nobody knows installation, ductwork design, and air balance better than Robert. Tampa knows Robert, and he has become an icon in “fixing other companies problems”. While this company prefers not being known as the “fix-it” company, we welcome the new life long customers who have never experienced our quality of services.

Our service department is staffed by trained and competent technicians who pride themselves in fixing problems and not just selling new units for lack of experience. If we can’t fix it no-one can.  Tony Baars is our dispatch and service manager. Tony has more than 16 years with the company that trained him from an installer’s helper to a top technician and customer service representative. Field trained and ready, with experience in leading the men he dispatches, Tony has become a valued member of our support team.

Every one of our inside staff members has a crew of outside producers that make their jobs easier and worthwhile. Our service technicians, installers, and helpers are the best in the business.  Those are the employees that our customers write the letters about. They make it happen. We can promise the world, but without them, we would just be any other company. Our customers love our home and office staff technicians. They are clean, polished, well spoken, well trained, courteous and thoughtful. They know that a happy customer is their key to a successful career with Bart DePury Air Conditioning, Inc. When your key employees are ALL leaders, you can’t help but have a successful experience in your industry.

We welcome you to experience Bart DePury Air Conditioning, Inc. We promise the highest level of services you might ever expect from a customer dedicated company and hope that we are the last company that you will EVER need to call for your air conditioning needs. If this Bio and History seems like a long read, that’s because it takes a long time to build a company that can live up to the story it has created. Our company is built to last, fashioned from old ideals and character not found in today’s businesses, and dedicated to something lost by most service providers, INTEGRITY AND HONESTY.

We invite you to contact us for any services that you may have now or in the future. Our staff is ever ready to welcome you to our family of customers and to provide you with the services to support your air conditioning and your indoor health and air quality services that your family deserves.