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Question: Is there a better system to consider when it comes to my family's health?

Answer: Yes, we recommend a system that incorporates Variable Speed Air Handlers coupled with high efficiency whole house filtration products. Variable Speed Air Handlers offer a higher level of dehumidification for humid climates as we experience in Florida homes. The result is lower costs for cooling coupled with better air quality and less chance that a mold condition will develop. The better filtration products capture and remove particulate such as pollen and mold spores.

Question: Is it possible to have too much air conditioning?

Answer: Yes, the system should be sized for the specific heat load of the building. Too much air conditioning can create an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment by not removing the proper amount of humidity. Contrary to popular belief, an over sized air conditioning system can create a HIGHER OPERATING COST as it requires a lower thermostat setting to achieve comfort and has to actually run longer to lower the building's temperature. The result of higher humidity can often lead to increased chances of mold growth in the system.

Question: What can I do to get the best performance out of my system?

Answer: The most important key to performance and longevity for an air conditioning system is proper maintenance and frequent filter changes. Most systems operate at their peak performance with filters changed MONTHLY and a TWICE A YEAR maintenance. It is especially important for a CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN to check and clear condensate drain lines and check refrigerant levels to insure the proper performance of the system. Preventative maintenance now avoids costly repairs later. 


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